Thursday, 21 March 2013

My day at work (Oh well, part of it)

Well, being an “artsy-tech” person (meaning I love arts and technology so much), the idea of attending the ‘AMH Conversations’ event did not seem really appealing to me especially when I knew it had something to do with Finance, business and  or the economy.

As part of my job though, I had to be there, doing the live tweeting and everything a person who works in the company’s ‘Online Office’ has to do.

I had to be at the Celebration Centre by 730 am, so we could start at 8 am. When my alarm went off at 530, I groaned...Daaamn; I did not want to wake up. But I had to, or I was going to be late.

On my way to the ‘Centre’, I envisaged a room full of serious men in dark business suits having serious talks and throwing in words like GDP, Economic Boom, Fiscal Deficit, Syndicated loans and all the other words I learnt from my Reuters Financial Reporting course. I groaned again.

I told myself I was going to stick out in the whole serious looking crowd (had tried to put on some formal wear there, black through-out, to blend in).

Stepping into the lobby, I saw people by the balcony, sipping their teas, waiting for the event to start. I skipped the tea part (even though I so love coffee and would have grabbed a cup to jerk me out of my semi-trance) and went straight into the auditorium.

People trickled into the room and in less than 40 minutes, it was full (yes, with dark-suited people) but not as intimidating and serious as I had feared.

ZIFm Stereo’s Supa Mandiwanzira was the moderator, and I say he really knows how to break the ice, with witty banter.

Minutes into the event, I realised it was not that bad, infact it was interesting (I had feared I was going to doze in the event).

Charles Robertson’s (lead author of The Fastest Billion) presentation caught everybody’s attention and the examples he gave were those I could relate to. Big words were probably thrown around there, but I totally understood it all.

Summing it all, in layman’s terms, he was saying Africa has so much potential for growth and that governments had to make their countries investor friendly etc…

Questions were asked and responses were given and the hour went by, I would say, rather too quickly. I wanted the event to go on and on now, but hey the whole idea was to KISS (KeepItShotandSimple).

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