Monday, 11 March 2013

And then we are all Keeking!!

In the past couple of days, my twitter TL has been ablaze with tweets about Keek and it seemed like everyone was in some kind of frenzy over this.

Not to be left behind, I decided to jump onto the Keek band wagon. I signed up but did not put up anything yet. I had to observe how it was all going down.

Watching some ‘Keeks’, scales fell off my eyes. The person some represented on Twitter was the opposite of who they were on Keek (some avis really lie).

Some Keeks were downright amusing though; I would play them over and over again; bursting into laughter and everyone in the office giving me surprised looks like   'I love it when they call me big poppa'  , 'For those people telling me to go to sleep...liff me eeeeelone', ANNOUNCEMENT:CHIZIVISO, Introducing, the "Gorilla Dance" to name just a few.

Some Keekers had really nice voices, which Twitter sadly did not bring to light, some seemed to have warmer personalities than the ones they portrayed on Twitter (Or is it clever play- acting for the camera?)

“So what really is this Keek and how different is it from the other social media platforms?” That is the question I asked myself.

Google and Techy guys I talked  did not disappoint with the answers and here is what I got from my ‘research’:

Keek, founded by Isaac Raichyk, is a free online social networking service that enables users to upload video status updates, which are called "keeks".

The word "Keek" comes from Middle English and means a look, especially a quick one.

Keek Inc. which is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and has around 30 employees launched in early 2011 to "create a social network that was more authentic and personal.”

Keek has been described as "the Twitter for video", "Instagram of video" and a "micro version of YouTube".
The Keek BlackBerry app is compatible with BlackBerry 10 smartphones whilst the Keek Android app is compatible with various Android devices including smartphones and tablets.

The current version of the Keek iPhone app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch running iOS 4.3 or later.

I am yet to upload my own Keek yet, I am still having loads of fun watching yours!

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