Monday, 4 March 2013 goes mobile, the world's largest journalism portfolio site, with writers from Wall Street Journal, BBC, Financial Times, Huffington Post, La Stampa and more has launched a major upgrade to make all writers’ profiles look as great on mobile as they do everywhere else.


This makes the site the first journalism portfolio service to offer a full mobile experience for users and visitors, with beautiful full-width images and a design optimized for smaller devices.

In his mail, founder Nicholas Holmes said they had added minor tweaks to profiles including a new option to upload an image of oneself and clearer fonts throughout the site.

“We need your help in deciding what should go into our forthcoming PRO package, which will be available for a low monthly fee.” read part of the mail.

“Simply click one of the options below to tell us what you'd consider buying from - and as a reward, there's a fantastic guide to social media branding for journalists waiting on the next page.”

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